South West Regional Coordinator Voting Ballot

Hello South East Region!

The Q&A has ended and the voting phase will begin for the Regional
Coordinator of the South East Region. The process for regional officer
voting is outlined in the Membership Handbook, Page 48.

Your choices are, in no particular order:

  • Nathan Wetzel
  • None of the Above (NoTA)

Eligible Voters
1. In order to qualify to vote in this election, you must have an active, paid
membership in good standing, 409 currently, within the SW Region.
2. If there are any questions on who can vote or how,  please feel free to
contact myself (, ( or
3. Each valid vote cast will also receive 5 Regional Prestige!

How to Vote
In order for a vote to count. It MUST meet these requirements:

  1. It must include who you are voting for in order of preference.
    Example: 1. John Smith 2. Jane Doe 3. NotA
  2. It must include your Name and MES#.
  3. It must include your domain number (i.e. OR-XXX-D).
  4. You must *EITHER* email your vote to all of the following, with the email subject of South East Region RC Vote
  • Election Officer: Craig French –
  • Proctor: Kay Stavis –
  • Proctor: Allen Levy –


Use the Google Form Link

Only select one candidate per choice.

Please remember that your vote must be sent to all proctors to be counted!  Votes that are not received by all of us cannot be counted.

So without further delay I am opening the voting period. Voting will remain open until 11:59:59 pm PST on *6 **February** 2019*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me off the list.

Thank you for your patience.

*Craig French*
*US ANC Admin*

Craig French, ANC Admin

Phoenix FGotM – Garou pre-FGotM Auction Items, Registration and IC RSVP!

Hello MESers!

Good morning – we hope your December is off to a grand start! We’re hyped
for our Phoenix Featured Game of the Month, coming up over January 18-19,
2019! We’ve got some new auction items up for Garou for you to take a look


To bid on the items, you’ll need to register a username on the left hand
column of our website. Once approved, you can bid on the items as you
wish! If you run into any questions or issues with registering a username
on our website, please let me know!

We’re also hyped up to get people registered! We’ve got live online
registration open – Standard registration is 30$ (35$ at the door), and VIP
Registration is 40$ (45$ at the door). You can find the information and
links to register here:


And lastly, we do have an IC RSVP Form for our Camarilla/Anarch/IA Games.
The hosts have requested RSVPs, and that includes the local people. 🙂 The
form can be found below:

As always, all our information can be found on our FGotM website:

Thanks, and we’d love to see you in Phoenix!

Bryan Himebaugh

Ancient Gamble charity drive with Regional matching

Ancient Gamble charity drive with Regional matching

As a reminder, we have an ongoing local charity drive to support any Las Vegas area charitable organization. If you contribute money, items, or time to any local 501(c)(3), email the Domain Coordinator at with the details, so you can be awarded prestige. And as a bonus, the South West region is matching with Regional prestige in addition to the general prestige awarded from the domain. See below for the details

For the holiday season, regional is offering prestige-matching for any domain-level seasonal giving charities.
That’s right! If your local domain is doing any type of seasonal giving charity, such as food donation, winter garments, holiday gifts, shelter volunteering, or similar, if you send a copy of your receipt or proof of donation to regional, we will award you regional prestige at the standard rates for such, in addition to the prestige from your local domain!
We especially encourage local drives to support shelters during the holidays, but anything our members can do to genuinely contribute to someone’s holiday season being safe and warm is a good thing.
Please send a copy of your proof of donation or time volunteered to and copy
Regional prestige is awarded at the rate of 1R prestige for $3 donated, or 10R prestige for each hour volunteered.
In the absence of a domain-sponsored seasonal giving charity, members can still donate goods, time or money to eligible charities’ holiday seasonal giving endeavours for regional prestige.  Eligible charities for this option include any 501(c)3 non-profit charity, without religious or political affiliation, providing direct assistance to that member’s local community this holiday season (see examples above).
Sarah Himebaugh
SW ARC Charities

MES Wiki Initiative

Hi Folx
Please forward this to all lists and groups!
The National Coordinators Office in conjunction with Regional Coordinators and the NTA are very pleased to offer this new program.
**** MES Wiki Initiative ****
In order to offer both a more interconnected game, and a new way for talented MESers to earn prestige, we would like to present the Wiki Initiative!
The idea is that wiki-savvy members can receive prestige in exchange for building viable wikis for others’ characters, including images, links, and appropriate descriptions. The initiative will include some templates for wiki generation, and guidelines as to what constitutes a complete wiki.
If you’re interested, read on!
For each PC wiki, the creating player will be awarded 5 Regional Prestige in Non-Admin Game Support
For each 5 PC wikis, the creating player will be awarded an additional 5 National prestige in Non-Admin Game Support
For each Venue or Domain wiki, the creating player will be awarded 5 Regional prestige AND 5 National prestige in Non-Admin Game Support
The process for being awarded prestige is for the players to create Character, Venue, and Domain wikis using the premade wiki templates (see below) or by creating their own templates, provided they meet the minimum standard (see below). The creating player will then submit the link to
their DC, who will verify that the wiki meets the minimum standards. Once verified, the DC will submit the award in the Recommendations to Regional/National section of their report. The RCs/NC will then award the prestige in their respective reports. The wiki history pages can be used to resolve any questions over who did what and when, should the need arise.
Players can receive prestige for wikis made any time during the current chronicles. DCs should keep an eye on monthly caps, and batch up recommendations as needed to stay within the 30/month cap.
Premade templates for wiki’s can be found at https://wiki2017.
*Minimum standard for a PC wiki to qualify for prestige*
Contact information for player
Contact information for overseeing ST
Character’s name
Character’s basic information
* Clan and Sect for Masquerade
* Tribe and Auspice for Apocalypse
* Creature Type and Sub types for Space and CoD-X
Relevant Category tags where applicable, as found on the Category List (
*Minimum standard for a Venue or Domain wiki to qualify for prestige*
Contact information for overseeing Coordinator
Contact information for overseeing Storyteller
Venue or Domain name
Venue IC location or Domain OC location
For Venues, a link to the VSS, game calendar, online OC or IC documents, etc. where applicable
For Domains, a link to the Domain web site, Facebook page, mailing list, etc., where applicable
Relevant Category tags, as found on the Category List (
Thank you all, I look forward to seeing lots of new Wiki pages in the very soon!
Kay Stavis

Phoenix FGoTM – January 18 – 19, 2019

Heya folks!

Our Domain out here in Phoenix is gearing up to bring you our annual
Featured Game of the Month, coming up January 18th – 19th, 2018!

We’ve got our location all locked in – the Holiday Inn and Suites
Phoenix-Mesa/Chandler. This is the same location we had last year, as they
were so good to us. Our event wizards wheeled and dealed to get us twice
the playing space this year!

For those who were unable to attend, the Hotel Website is below:

*Please do not make reservations yet*, as we are awaiting a code for our
discount rate. That said, we don’t have a limited room block – our discount
will be available as long as they have rooms available in the hotel!

We’re working on updating our website, we’ll pass on the link when we’ve
got that shored up. Of course, we’ll release more information as the Domain
decides on which venues will be hosted!

Hope to see you in Phoenix!

Bryan Himebaugh

Featured SW Regional Charities July – December 2018

The region is currently using a 6-month rotation for regional charities, to give members more time with the featured charities, and to allow us to offer several different options simultaneously during that time period.

For the period of July – December 2018, the Southwest Region will be featuring the three following charities:

  • *RedRover* (Helping animals and humans in crisis, to make the world a more compassionate place)
  • *Children’s Literacy Initiative* (Providing educators training and resources for early childhood literacy instruction)
  • *10,000 Degrees* (Helping low-income students get into and *through *college in order to create positive impact)

Per the Membership Handbook, from July 1st – December 31st 2018, for any donations you make to these charities, you will earn 1 point of Regional prestige
for every $3 donated, or 10 points of Regional prestige for every hour of time donated volunteering. (Note that volunteering time is also eligible for VIP!)

Donation options are listed below for each charity, but regardless of option or charity selected, please send a copy of your receipts (or photographic proof of donation) to and copy To help ensure things are tracked and reported properly, please include in your email subject line: Jul-Dec 2018 Charity (Name of Charity) (Month of Donation)


For the past 30 years, RedRover has work to support the bond between animals and humans by provide vital emergency sheltering assistance for animals displaced by natural disasters and rescued from other crises, such as puppy mills and hoarding situations. They also offer financial assistance and resources to low-income individuals for lifesaving emergency veterinary care, and to help survivors of domestic violence escape together with their pets, by offsetting the cost of temporary pet boarding while in domestic violence shelters.

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to RedRover at

You can also *donate goods or volunteer time* with any local 501(c)3 no-kill animal rescue or animal welfare organization.

*Children’s Literacy Initiative*

This organization works with teachers and children (pre-K through 3rd grade), to help improve early childhood literacy, especially among lower-income and disadvantaged children. Their goal is to see a nation where all children are literate, and reading at their grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to Children’s Literacy Initiative at

You can also *donate goods or volunteer time* with any local 501(c)3 children’s literacy organization, or public library children’s literacy program.

*10,000 Degrees*

This California-based organization works to create a college-bound mentality in elementary and middle school students, to help lower-income high-school students get enrolled in college, and to support them through college. Most of the lower-income students 10,000 Degrees supports are the first members of their families to attend college, and with the help of this organization, 85% of these students graduate with a completed college degree (nationally only 31% of college students do so).

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to 10,000 Degrees at
Or to learn how to *volunteer time*, go to

Members are encouraged to forward this email to your domain lists for
further distribution.

Sarah Himebaugh
SW ARC Charities