Prestige time again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 4th

Please only send a full log if you need a prestige review for MC change. Otherwise please submit an email that looks like this:

Date – Activity – Category – Award amount

08-2011 – Hosted game – Community Service – 5 G
08-2011 – Donated snacks – Community Service – 5 G
08-2011 – Masquerade ordeal – Ordeals – 50 G
etc. etc.

Winter Blood Drive

Greetings, fellow blood-suckers and arcanists!

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to return some
precious Vitae to the community pool!

If you’re eligible to donate blood, please do so in December or January!

Not sure if you’re eligible? Check —
note that eligibility may have changed since the last time you attempted to
donate, so check the website.  The website is also where you can make an
appointment, find a local drive or donation center, and get a Fast Track
form to help speed the screening process.

Not eligible? You can participate anyway! Help carpool people to and from
the drive! Contact me with the dates you’re available and which side of
town you’re on to help carpool.

My contact info: Stephanie Bryant, Phone/Txt:

====More Details and How to Log Your Participation====

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