Domain meeting minutes – new chronicle venue schedule

At yesterday’s domain meeting, we finalized the venues we will be running locally and determined the starting game schedule

  • Mage the Awakening – 1st Saturday day (VST Mike Goubeaux)
  • Werewolf the Apocalypse – 1st Saturday night (VST Dusty Gwinn)
  • NWoD Combined the Accord – 2nd and 4th Friday (VST Neil Merrick)
  • Vampire the Requiem – 2nd Saturday (VST Chris Hamawi)
  • Vampire the Masquerade Cam/Anarch – 4th Saturday (VST Mike Shields)

Sabbat may be added in the future if there is interest and a VST, likely on the 3rd Friday.

The venues will be starting in April with a character creation session on their scheduled day for the players and STs to get together, go over the addenda, build characters, establish history and ties, etc.

History games will be held in May and each character can earn up to one month’s xp from these games prior to the official start of chronicle on June 1st. If your character would not be in Las Vegas during the time of the history games you can work with the VST to play an NPC and still earn the xp for your character.

If you are able to host games, please contact me at or Mike Garvin at Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Shimon Klein, US2010117013

C/A Next Chronicle


This month will be the last C/A game of this chronicle.  I plan to start history games in April.  My current plan is for April to be 1973, May will be 1991 and June will be the present.

Now, two things to note.  First, April is not technically “in the new chronicle” so I cannot award prestige.  Second, the approvals database is not yet up so it is possible that any character you play in the history games might not get approved.  I think this will be rare, and to further alleviate the issue, I encourage you to send my your concepts ahead of time.  That way if I see an issue we can get it sorted out now and avoid having to modify for any approvals.

If you wish to play an Elder, this is a bit more sticky.  As you may know, if I’m re-elected I plan on limiting Elders in the local game to a percentage of total active player.  I can assure you that this will be based on the merit of the application and in the event of more qualified applicant than there are spots, it will be a simple lottery.  I truly believe it is the best thing for our game.  Anyhow, I encourage you to send me those backgrounds and concepts early to get things rolling.  I will not make a decision until May 15th so that people opportunity to get their character in (and hopefully we will have an approvals database up).  Since we will have history games before this can occur, I suggest that you play your Elder concept.  If you are not approved later for an Elder, we can simply just make it understood that the collective game mind is rewritten as you having always been Ancille or Neonate.

If your character would not be in Las Vegas in the 70s or 90s, that’s cool too.  I will need NPCs to make the history games nice and rich.

If anyone has comments, questions or concerns feel free to e-mail, call or show up for this months game at 7 and we can discuss in person.  Unfortunately I cannot attend the domain meet at the end of the month.

New Chronicle planning meeting

We will be having a new chronicle planning meeting on Saturday March 30th at 5:00pm.  This is to finalize which venues we will be running, and to set our game schedule. This is a domain meeting, so there is prestige for attending and all members are welcome.

If you would like to VST for a venue, write a VSS and bring it with you. You can also send it to Steel or me and we will post it to the domain website for you if you like. If you would like help preparing the VSS, please contact Steel at

The new approvals database is scheduled to open up for VSSs on April 1st, so we should get moving on finalizing these.

The meeting is currently planned to be at my house, 1133 Beretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89117, near Charleston and Ft Apache. If you have a more central location available please contact me. I would like to make the meeting location as convenient as possible for as many members as possible.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Shimon Klein
DC Ancient Gamble NV-008

New Chronicle VSS proposal

Since DST Steele has requested that we make a VSS and gather support, here is me doing so.  Naturally, I’m open to suggestions if there is something you don’t quite like.  Anyhow, let me know if you like or if you dislike it.

Venue Name: Las Vegas by Night
Genre: Cam/Anarch
Place/Time: TBD

Theme/Mood: The Camarilla has risen in prominence in Vampire society.  Their influence is such that the other sects and independents have had to take more so to the shadows.  They are around, but if they cannot prove their loyalty, they will not find a friendly welcome in a Camarilla city.  However, Las Vegas is a difficult city to keep an iron grip on.  With all of the tourists and international corporations there is plenty of opportunity for things to get out of hand—fast.  Under the guiding hand of the Camarilla, the city has put a new polish on their public image. Tourism was increasing and the Kindred of Las Vegas saw great opportunity to invest in business and set themselves up for a comfortable life.  In recent years, the corruption and grime have begun to boil just beneath the surface.  The Strip is a place of great debauchery if you know where to look.  The rest of the city is fast becoming a festering wound waiting to burst.  It is clear that there are other parties at work here, but who?

Proxy rules: Proxies must be submitted at least 48 hours before the game.  Proxy approval is contingent on an AVST being available to portray the character (if applicable).  Proxies must include: Method of travel, home VST contact info, Date of arrival, date of departure, feeding means.

Travel risks: Las Vegas is at minimum a 4 hour drive from other major cities.  Most of that distance is through open, largely unsettled territory.  Flights are usually safe—usually.

VSS Notes: The number of Elders (7-8th Gen.) will be limited based on how many total active players are in the domain.  This restriction applies only to characters that call Las Vegas their home Venue.


Style of Play:

1-     Almost Never Present

2-     Sometimes Present

3-     Usually Present

4-     Often Present

5-     Always Present

Intrigue (politics and negotiation): 3
Action (combat and challenges): 2
Mystery (enigmas and investigation): 3
Drama (ceremony and characterization): 2
Darkness (probability of player character death or corruption): 4


I’m sure people are going to be curious about the part about Elder, so I’ll just answer that now:

I think having too many Elders in the city is detrimental to the overall feel.  It is my opinion that too many Elders makes the other players feel useless and frustrated.  That doesn’t lead to a healthy game.  Additionally, it makes it easy for the ST to craft a story that all the players can get immersed in and contribute.  If I’m re-elected, I’ll be putting out a guide to what I’m looking for in Elder applications.  However, I can tell you now it won’t be the “I kill it all and no one can ever beat me” style I’ve been hearing horror stories about.  My current opinion on ratio is 10:1 or 7:1.  One last note, neither myself nor my Primary AVST will have an Elder approved for Las Vegas (a con character is a different story).  I do not think it would be fair to the players to take any spots.

Prestige Time Again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 4th. Please only send a full log if you need a prestige review for MC change. Otherwise please submit an email that looks like this:

  • Date – Activity – Category – Award amount


  • 08-2011 – Hosted game – Community Service – 5 G
  • 08-2011 – Donated snacks – Community Service – 5 G
  • 08-2011 – Masquerade ordeal – Ordeals – 50 G
  • etc. etc.