Las Vegas Feature Game of the Month

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Werewolf: The Apocalypse, BNS Alpha Slice 12PM – 5PM

Vampire: The Masquerade, Cam/Anarch 6PM – 11PM

The Ancient Gamble domain will be hosting a feature game in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 6th and you are all invited.

We will be running two games. The first one will be Werewolf The Apocalypse Alpha Slice playtest, then Vampire the Masquerade Cam/Anarch.

The event will be held at the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. Hotel rooms are available on site, but, this is Vegas, so there are deals all over the city. Following the game we will be having afters at the Grand Cafe.

Site Fee $15.00

For more information, contact:
Domain Storyteller:
Domain Coordinator:
or visit out website at:

Prestige Time Again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 10th. You should send in any prestige awards you earned this month, like hosting games, site clean up, blood donations, etc. Please submit an email that looks like this:

  • Date – Activity – Category – Hours/Dollars (prestige amount)


  • 08-2011 – Hosted game – Non-Administrative Game Support – 4 hours (20G)
  • 08-2011 – Donated snacks – Non-Administrative Game Support – $10 (5G)
  • 08-2011 – Transport member to game (John Doe US2010131234)– Social/Non-Game Support – 1 hour (5G)
  • etc. etc.