Vegas Stakes: Sabbat Eides of Cain festival

Praise Abel,

Ancient Gamblers the Church of the Dark Father will be celebrating the
slaying of Abel and Caine’s ascendance into becoming the most legendary
vampire of all time. This will be Las Vegas’s very own Eides of Caine
celebration. You can join us this Saturday at 730 PM for the festivities at
282 Fancrest st Henderson, NV 89052, when you get there just use the box
and call Goubeaux. See you all at 7:30 PM for check in. if you have any
questions please email me at or call me at

Prestige Time Again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 10th. You should send in any prestige awards you earned this month, like hosting games, site clean up, blood donations, etc. Please submit an email that looks like this:

  • Date – Activity – Category – Hours/Dollars (prestige amount)


  • 08-2011 – Hosted game – Non-Administrative Game Support – 4 hours (20G)
  • 08-2011 – Donated snacks – Non-Administrative Game Support – $10 (5G)
  • 08-2011 – Transport member to game (John Doe US2010131234)– Social/Non-Game Support – 1 hour (5G)
  • etc. etc.