Cam/Anarch rescheduled for 1/30

This month on our usually scheduled weekend the brand new Domain of San Bernardino is having their first ever Cam/Anarch game, AND it’s the first Featured Game of the year.

Our Cam/Anarch game is moved to 5th weekend, January 30, at Shimon & Janelle’s. If you know someone is not on the list please pass this information along to them!

Several of us will be attending the San Bernardino game. If you would like to come with, please reach out so we can arrange car pools where possible. It’s about a 4-5 hour drive from Las Vegas depending on traffic and weather in the pass.


Las Vegas Sabbat

Hiya Cainites,
Wow, that was an awesome game. You all brought it, I saw some awesome role playing, great ritae, and the packs brought some great creative killing. Damn, that really sounds like an awesome Sabbat game.
Thank you all very much for attending and it was awesome to see you Tisha Looker, Shawn Looker, and Greg Cavaliere at the game. Thank you all for coming and checking us out. If any of you have any questions please let me know. My email address is
If you all get the chance seriously, tell Lance Sperry, Kristina Cavin, and Danielle J Bowerbank thank you. We have the greatest storytelling staff ever. I definitely couldn’t run this game without them. Thank you once again Michael Goubeaux for allowing us to turn your house into the Dark Father’s church. I want to especially thank everyone who helped us set up and clean up. That is a huge help especially after the game. Holy shit Natalie Heath Sperry, what’s up with that ritae you ran. That was by far the best and most intense group ritae, that I have ever seen in larp. I’m not going to lie, I swear, I felt the spirit and was like Hell yes, praise mutherfucken Cain, all those heathen npc’s of mine need to die now. Then I realized it would be a very boring game, if I did that for you all.
That’s crazy, a Priscus in Las Vegas. Who would of thought, Joseph Pander would come to Vegas to celebrate the Binding (some regional and national games don’t even get to see a Priscus) with you all. That’s crazy, well he defiantly is, that kind of comes with the territory, when you have to advise the Regent on what’s going on in the Dark Church, its enemies, and being a scholar of his caliber. You become a drunk or maybe he’s a scholar because he drinks. Whatever the case, he did bring some great news and new ritae that I will go over later.
The next game will be on February 13th and we will be celebrating The Sacrificial Revel high holiday(VTM pg. 430)
As always if you have any questions, comments, or concerns please let me know.
Thank you,
Mario Kellert

San Bernadino feature game

January 23, 2016 is Last Refuge’s first game as well as the first Featured Game for the SW Region. Location is the Conceirge Lounge at the Radisson Hotel in Ontario CA. We will be hosting Cam/Anarch game after an afternoon Social and character creation.

Social/CC/Domain Meeting: 2pm to 6pm.
Game: 7pm to midnight

Site Fee for the event is $10, but that will cover snacks and drinks as well. Donations are appreciated and can earn you prestige.

The site address is : 2200 E Holt Blvd, Ontario, CA 91761.


Denizens of the Southwest
After many years of Isolation and closed borders, the Triumvirate of the Inland Empire cordially opens its doors to all Kindred of the Southwest who wish to attend an evening of revelry and delight. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, Kindred of substance dance among the kine, while shadows await with hungry eyes in the wings of our court.

· Event will be held at Kimberly Crest In Redlands

· Event will begin at 7:00 pm January 23rd 2016

Please RSVP
Talis Hessad – Leader of the Independent Alliance

William Shrek – Prince of Ontario

Jonathan Fitzroy – Baron of San Bernardino

DST Email: 
DC Email:

Ken Letteer 
Interm DC for Last Refuge 

Prestige Time Again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 10th. You should send in any prestige awards you earned this month, like hosting games, site clean up, blood donations, etc. Please submit an email that looks like this:

  • Date – Activity – Category – Hours/Dollars (prestige amount)


  • 08-2011 – Hosted game – Non-Administrative Game Support – 4 hours (20G)
  • 08-2011 – Donated snacks – Non-Administrative Game Support – $10 (5G)
  • 08-2011 – Transport member to game (John Doe US2010131234)– Social/Non-Game Support – 1 hour (5G)
  • etc. etc.