Cam/Anarch this Saturday 6/25 @ 7:30pm

Cam/Anarch is this Saturday 6/25, check in at 7:30, game on at 8:00pm, at Shimon and Janelle’s, 1189 Bear Head Street, Henderson, NV 89011.

Two new items are being added to the VSS and go into effect this game

First, Influence actions refresh at the start of game so characters will have their full suite of actions available during game, subject to normal mechanics. If there is no game in any given month, Influence actions refresh at 8:00pm on the fourth Saturday unless otherwise specified by the ST.

Second, going forward Cam/Anarch will use the same XP rule as Sabbat, awarding 20 XP for attending game (subject to chronicle cap and AGR limits) and we will no longer be awarding any downtime experience. If you miss a game you can of course still earn XP up to your cap by attending another MES game, or catch up using AGR. This keeps the Sabbat and C/A venues in sync.

Finally, I forgot to include the prestige awards for the VSS Update Survey this month. That will be included and backdated in next month’s DC report.

Downtimes, Influences, and Alts in Cam/Anarch

I started a thread on facebook about something that I want to talk about on the subject of alt characters. I think it will lead to a lot of discussion that will be easier on FB rather than email.

One of the things I found out when I took over as VST is that there are a lot of people with secret alt characters on the VSS who are never played at games and just do downtimes. So many, in fact, that the majority of downtime and influence actions I processed last month were from characters I had never heard of and never knew existed before I got access to the VST email box. There are downtime coteries comprised almost entirely of secret alts with only one or two active PCs. This is giving those couple of active PCs essentially level 7 and 9 influences with no real cost or investment, and no risk since the existence of the PCs isn’t known to the players outside the VST mailbox.

I am not particularly comfortable with this, but I want to open a discussion among the players as a whole to see what everyone’s feelings are on this. I plan to include something on this topic in writing on the VSS one way or another. I don’t know if that is going to be limits or restrictions on this kind of activity, or just a warning of what is going on so anyone who wants to get into the DT and Influence game knows they need a half dozen hard proxies to compete, or something else I haven’t thought of yet.

Thoughts, comments, ideas?

Sabbat is this Saturday, June 11th

Hello minions’ of Cain,

I don’t know about you all but, I had a great time at the last game.

You all came up with some very creative ideas’ on the game of instinct race
that was ran by The Shrike aka Alex and Shepard aka Shimon. Damn it Neil,
you come into the game and less than ten minutes your character already
kills a horse. You rode that horse so hard that it bleed from it’s ears. I
think Doc is going to have a interesting conversation with P.E.T.A, you
damn horse murderer. Congratulations to the Ultra-Conservative faction on
winning the game of Instinct.

My character wasn’t involved in all of the planning and figuring out what
we were supposed to do to get Magnus back but, I do have to say great job
to Gregs’ character Corbin, it looks like we would have had a much harder
time trying to figure everything out if it wasn’t for his toons’ knowledge
and skills.

Great job Lance on running an amazing and very creative story. I do have to
say, I really hate the cliff hanger but, I am looking forward to this
month’s game.


If you didn’t get the message Lance awarded 10 xp and 10 agr (accelerated
growth rate) for the last game. After Lance and I discussed it, going
forward we are awarding 10 xp and 10 agr for every Las Vegas game that you
attend of our’s. We will no longer be awarding any downtime experience. If
you miss a game you can easily still make it up by attending another MES
game or make it up with the AGR. You will get what the storyteller awards
for that game. Make sure you ask the storyteller before you leave the other
domain game.
Just because we don’t award experience doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send in
down time actions. If you submit down time actions you may receive personal
plot, new plot, information, or new items. You are still required to send
in down times/notifications to learn new powers. If you didn’t send it in
it, didn’t happen. If you say you did something with backgrounds at game, I
would still submit it to remind us at the next game. Please send in all
downtime actions to a week before the next game.

I recently went to another domains game and there was a situation where the
players didn’t know how there powers worked. Player characters were almost
wrongfully destroyed because of players not knowing how there powers worked
correctly and the scene had to be rewritten and a lot of unnecessary drama
It is your responsibility as players to know how the things that you put on
your character sheet work (this is extremely important for players who have
the abyssal effects). If you have any questions or need help about how your
powers work please feel free to ask Lance and I at game. We would prefer
you to ask us before we are in the middle of running a giant combat scene
and better yet, if possible email us at in between the

If you want to find out what happened to most of the Sword of Cain in Las
Vegas then please come to this month’s game that will be ran this Saturday,
June 11th at 282 Fancrest st Henderson, NV 89052, when you get there just
use the box and call Goubeaux. Check in will start at 7 PM, announcements
will be at 730 PM and game will start no later than 8 PM. If you have any
questions please email me at or call me at

See you at game,

Mario Kellert

P.S. If you didn’t make it to last game, than you will still be able to
participate in this game.

Prestige Time Again

Please send in your Prestige to the Domain Coordinator at no later than Midnight on the 10th. You should send in any prestige awards you earned this month, like hosting games, site clean up, blood donations, etc. Please submit an email that looks like this:

  • Date – Activity – Category – Hours/Dollars (prestige amount)


  • 08-2011 – Hosted game – Non-Administrative Game Support – 4 hours (20G)
  • 08-2011 – Donated snacks – Non-Administrative Game Support – $10 (5G)
  • 08-2011 – Transport member to game (John Doe US2010131234)– Social/Non-Game Support – 1 hour (5G)
  • etc. etc.