Earn National Prestige

Earn 5 national prestige for adding your MES number to WorldOfDarkness.com

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From: Roo James Wetzel <ma.sabatier@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, Nov 14, 2017 at 8:44 PM
Subject: [Us-announce] Beta Test and Earn Prestige
To: us-announce@lists.mindseyesociety.org

Good evening!

As we move closer to working directly with White Wolf and their technology vendor, Knetik, we have been asked to help with beta testing www.worldofdarkness.com.

If you are interested in helping out and earning 5 National Prestige, we ask that you go to www.worldofdarkness.com and register for an account. It is free and easy.

Once you have registered, on the left hand side of the screen you will see a place for “Memberships”. Click on the little pencil icon.

The next box that pops up will show a + to add a membership. Click on the “+”. Two text fields will appear.

For the group name, type “MES” (no quotes).

For the Membership ID, type your membership number.

Click “Save”.

We will be requesting periodic reports from Knetik and awarding prestige based on the membership numbers they gather.

Once you’ve registered, feel free to play with the site. At the bottom off each page is a link to “Report a bug”. Use this early and often to help strengthen their site.

If you had previously registered, and you go to www.worldofdarkness.com, click the portrait icon on the top right after logging in, and click on ‘My Story’. Then the ‘Membership’ will appear on the left of the screen that
shows up.

All the best and good hunting!

Roo Wetzel

Roo James Wetzel