April game reschedule

The April game is scheduled during Vampire Ball, which many of us will be attending. Do we want to reschedule game to the second Saturday, second Friday, third Friday, something else?

We won’t be able to play at Nat20 those nights, but several players have offered to host at their houses so there are a variety of site options.

Please vote on the Facebook poll at https://www.facebook.com/groups/308108735878869/. If you don’t Facebook, you can also email your preference to AncientGambleDC@gmail.com

Thank you

All Call for Domain Coordinator Position

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 10:23 AM, MES SW ARC Elections wrote:
Good morning Ancient Gamble,

It is time to decide who will be your Domain Coordinator for the next
year. I am now taking applications, details of which can be found below.

The timeline for this election is as follows:

1. Application Submission – Deadline: *Friday, April 6th*, at 09:00 Las
Vegas Time.

2. Application Review – I will review the applications. This process will
take no longer than one week, and probably not longer than one day.

3. Domain Evaluation – The constituency will have the opportunity to review
the applications and ask questions of the applicants. This should take no
longer than one week, but I might extend it if there’s a particularly
lively discussion going on.

4. Voting Period – Votes will be sent to this email address, and to
proctor(s) to be named later. To ensure a fair vote, this will take one
week. I may combine the Q&A period with the voting period in the event
that only one person runs.

5. Tabulation and announcement – This will not take longer than a week, and
will likely take no more than a few days.



Please submit your applications to the elections email address at
arc.elections@sw.mindseyesociety.org. Your application should include:

Name, membership number, email address, other contact information as you
desire. This information will be sent to the entire electorate.

Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during your term of

Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to accomplish
the goals stated in your objective.

Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as well as
any relevant Non-Club Experience.

A sentence stating that you are a paid and current member who has (or will)
complete the requisite Standards, and disclosing any disciplinary actions
you have been subject to within the last two years.

For DCs, at this time the required standards are Membership Chapters 1-8,
Website, Contact, Coordinator, and Coordinator Process.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information!


Alex Winfield
SW ARC Elections
Us-sw-d-las-vegas mailing list

DC Reports, Prestige, and VIP

I’ve caught up the back DC reports. Please check your Prestige and VIP awards and verify they are correct. If anything is missing, incorrect, or you have any questions, please email the DC account at AncientGambleDC@gmail.com

Note that we CAN NOT take Prestige or VIP submissions/corrections via facebook, All Prestige and VIP needs to go through the email account.

DC Report
December 2017

January 2018

February 2018



Thank you

DST Election

This email is to inform you of the start of the election process for the
DST position in NV-008-D.

Applicants will have until Sunday March 11, 2018 to submit their
applications, All applications should be sent to sw.arst.elections@gmail.com,
mcpospartanj117@gmail.com and kbritt3@gmail.com with the Subject line
“NV-008-D DST Application”

Included in the Application must be the following:
1. Name, Membership Number
2. Contact Information: Email, Phone Number (This will be redacted
when distributed to the Electorate)
3. Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during
your term of office will be.
4. Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to
accomplish the goals stated in your objective.
5. Experience: A resume of positions held within the Mind’s eye
Society as well as any relevant non-club experience.
6. Disciplinary Actions
7. A statement asserting that you are a paid member of the MES
8. You must have completed the Membership and Storyteller standards,
or a stated intention to complete them within thirty days.

At the end of this period, the candidates applications will be distributed
to the Domain for consideration and time will be given for the electorate
to ask questions of the candidates. These dates and times will be released
with each step in the process. After which, voting will commence with
further instructions coming at that time.

Thank you!

Stephanie Day
SW aaRST Arbitration
Interim SW ARST Elections

January Masquerade

Good Evening friends. We will be having game at Nat20 tonight, Saturday, Jan 27. Check-in 7:30, game on at 8.

A couple of fun facts since the last time we’ve seen each other:

Studies from the archaeological dig at Aliante Park have moved to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Security of the museum has increased drastically with the hiring of a private security company called InterLink.
The homeless population of the Las Vegas Valley has flocked to North Las Vegas after a delivery of food and clothing put together by anonymous donation was given out during the Christmas season.
YouTube videos promoting unity in Las Vegas have gone viral, using the hashtag VegasStrong to push awareness on the separated townships of the Las Vegas valley.