November C/A

Game this month will be at Shimon’s place.

1133 Beretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89117

Check in: 7 pm

Game on: 7:30

Unfortunately, I will be out of town.  Terry, my ast, will be handling the game this month.  If you really need me you can call me.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  So as to not screw you folks over, all plot devices will be taking it easy this month so that my absence does not adversely affect your story.  Knowing that though, please don’t abuse that info.  We are working on a good game for you despite my absence so attend and have fun!

Oct. C/A

I just figured out that SoCon is on our normal C/A date and that I am going to SoCon.  I don’t wish to screw you guys out of a game though so I’m planning to reschedule for the third Saturday.  I know there are other non-cam games that night.  I’m sorry to cause the overlap, but I figure it’s better than having no game in Oct.  Naturally, I’ll accept downtimes to make up the XP in October.

Game will be at Shimon’s place, Saturday the 19th.    7  check in.  7:30 game on.

C/A June and Approvals


Since I’ve only received positive responses this months C/A game is moved to the fifth weekend. 6/29.

Check in: 6:30

Game on: 7:30

It will be at Chris’ place again.  HOWEVER:, if you have a location in a different part of town, let me know and we will move the game around a bit.


APPROVALS:  If you have an approval that needs my attention please call me or email.  I will be unable to act on them from tomorrow at noon until the 25th.  I believe I have everything up-to-date, but if not, best catch me now.

C/A Dates and Approvals


I will be traveling on the 4th weekend of June.  I’m sure Chris is more than capable of running the game in my stead.  However, I would like to move the game to the 5th weekend is that doesn’t mess with people’s plans too much.  Please let me know if that would be an issue for you.

Also, let me apologize for the delay in looking at your approvals.  the past week and a half have been busy for me so I neglected to look at the database.  Additionally, I wasn’t getting update emails for some reason.  Going forward I will do my best to check in a few times a week.  Again, sorry for the delay.  At this time I believe I have either pushed up or commented on every application pending for me.  If I am incorrect, please let me know and I’ll take care of things.