Blood Drive

There is currently a Regional Blood Drive going on. I have been getting together the information needed to setup something locally. And on that note.


Anyone who wants to participate in, send me an email an we will get groups coordinated for donation. Can’t or won’t donate blood? You can participate too/able if you are willing to drive.

The way this works:
If you want to participate in the Blood Drive, email me with the date(s) and times you are able be available along with whether you plan to donate or provide transportation and your best contact method. I will get groups of people in contact with each other that are available at the same time. Bring me the receipt of donation and I will make sure that it gets passed up the chain for that sweet sweet prestige. Don’t want to donate with your fellow gamer but still want to make a donation yourself? No problem! Feel free to head on down with your anti-social self and make your own donation. Bring me receipt of donation and I will make sure that you aren’t left out of the prestige love.
Any questions, please feel free to email me.

Roger Karoll

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