January Masquerade

Good Evening friends. We will be having game at Nat20 tonight, Saturday, Jan 27. Check-in 7:30, game on at 8.

A couple of fun facts since the last time we’ve seen each other:

Studies from the archaeological dig at Aliante Park have moved to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Security of the museum has increased drastically with the hiring of a private security company called InterLink.
The homeless population of the Las Vegas Valley has flocked to North Las Vegas after a delivery of food and clothing put together by anonymous donation was given out during the Christmas season.
YouTube videos promoting unity in Las Vegas have gone viral, using the hashtag VegasStrong to push awareness on the separated townships of the Las Vegas valley.

MES Masquerade Character Creation documents

MES uses the Mind’s Eye Theater – Vampire: The Masquerade rule book by By Night Studios. You can purchase the digital copy of this book at

MES Vampire: The Masquerade 2017 Chronicle Information

Player Approval

New Masquerade chronicle planning

Hello Friends. I’ve been reading up on the new setting document for C/A and have been working on creating a VSS. I’d like to get together with interested players to finalize the Vegas setting, and get people’s opinions on the type of characters and stories they’d like to see in game.

Currently, I’m looking at a contested city. The Independent Alliance will be the controlling faction, having dealt their boons to control Las Vegas Proper and Paradise. With the rise of the Anarch movement, most of these Kindred have abandoned the outer reaches of Clark County and secured their territory in North Las Vegas. Surviving members of the Ivory Tower have moved many of their local interests to Henderson.

All of this will depend on what players are interested in, and the number of players we’ll get in the venue. I’ll be trying to run quite a few NPCs to move some of the political plots along, but again, this is speculative.

I’m looking at setting up a social on Saturday, April 29 at 3 PM to hang out and discuss the setting. The idea for this night is to meet up, discuss some of the story elements of our venue, answer any questions, and then head over to the Millenium Fandom Bar for their Vampire vs Werewolves night.

Location TBA

Brent Bagunu

Sabbat is this Saturday (tomorrow)

Praise Caine,
All downtime actions or asked questions should of gotten a response.
The game will be Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 282 Fancrest st Henderson, NV 89052, when you get there just use the box and call Goubeaux. Check in will start at 7PM, announcements will be at 730 PM and game on at 8 PM. If you have any questions please email me at lvsabbatst@gmail.com or call me at 702-358-8433Inline image 1.
 I will be at the game site no later than 4 PM, to start setting up. If you want to stop by early to help set up, hang out, or, if you need me for anything please feel free to stop by early.

Mario Kellert
Sabbat VST – Vegas Stakes
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