MES Masquerade Character Creation documents

MES uses the Mind’s Eye Theater – Vampire: The Masquerade rule book by By Night Studios. You can purchase the digital copy of this book at

MES Vampire: The Masquerade 2017 Chronicle Information

Player Approval

New Masquerade chronicle planning

Hello Friends. I’ve been reading up on the new setting document for C/A and have been working on creating a VSS. I’d like to get together with interested players to finalize the Vegas setting, and get people’s opinions on the type of characters and stories they’d like to see in game.

Currently, I’m looking at a contested city. The Independent Alliance will be the controlling faction, having dealt their boons to control Las Vegas Proper and Paradise. With the rise of the Anarch movement, most of these Kindred have abandoned the outer reaches of Clark County and secured their territory in North Las Vegas. Surviving members of the Ivory Tower have moved many of their local interests to Henderson.

All of this will depend on what players are interested in, and the number of players we’ll get in the venue. I’ll be trying to run quite a few NPCs to move some of the political plots along, but again, this is speculative.

I’m looking at setting up a social on Saturday, April 29 at 3 PM to hang out and discuss the setting. The idea for this night is to meet up, discuss some of the story elements of our venue, answer any questions, and then head over to the Millenium Fandom Bar for their Vampire vs Werewolves night.

Location TBA

Brent Bagunu

Sabbat is this Saturday (tomorrow)

Praise Caine,
All downtime actions or asked questions should of gotten a response.
The game will be Saturday, December 10, 2016 at 282 Fancrest st Henderson, NV 89052, when you get there just use the box and call Goubeaux. Check in will start at 7PM, announcements will be at 730 PM and game on at 8 PM. If you have any questions please email me at or call me at 702-358-8433Inline image 1.
 I will be at the game site no later than 4 PM, to start setting up. If you want to stop by early to help set up, hang out, or, if you need me for anything please feel free to stop by early.

Mario Kellert
Sabbat VST – Vegas Stakes
Ancient Gamble Domain

December Cam/Anarch

We are not having a Cam/Anarch game this month (game night falls on Christmas eve). If you update your character in the database AND email me a current copy of your character sheet by our normal game night (8:00pm December 24th) that character will be awarded full XP for the month. Note that you must do both to receive XP.

Downtime actions for December are still due by Sunday, December 18th. Downtime, Influence, Contact, and Ally actions refresh on Saturday, December 24th at 8:00pm.

If there are any questions, please contact me. Happy Holidays!

— Shimon Klein
— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch
— NV-008 Ancient Gamble

November Sabbat

Hiya Cainites,

I hope you all have had a great month and wanted to make sure that you all remember that there is no live game in November. You can however get the months of experience by updating your character sheet in the database and emailing your up to date sheet to . This is important even if you are going to socon. Socon has traditionally only been worth six xp and three over cap. You are potentially missing out on four to fourteen experience points. This offer is only valid till the 13th of November.

Things going on in the sabbat venue

1. Since October 28th the moon has a golden hue to it.
2. The Walking dead is an actual thing in Canada. Those of you with knowledge of the shroud knows the shroud is ripped open. Ghosts and the dead walk around with the living and Canada is decaying.
3. Feeding in Vegas has gotten more difficult. This has raised the difficulty to feed by two. What this means is you will need at least a three herd to feed in Las Vegas without a downtime action.
4. There is a fuck ton more police and the police have friends with them
5. The nosferatu and gangrel have officially joined the Sabbat.
6. Work seems to be slowing down in Vegas more people are calling out, more kids are ditching school, and things just generally don’t seem to be getting done in Vegas.
7. Violence is on a rise in Las Vegas

There is a lot more happening. If you want to know more I hope you have backgrounds.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

Mario Kellert

MES 2017 Cam/Anarch venue preferences

We’ve put together a brief survey to gather the player’s preferences for the next chronicle Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance (C/A/I) venue. Completing this survey is worth 5G prestige in the Non-Admin Game Support category. Please take a moment or two to let us know what your preferences are for the local game next chronicle.



October Cam/Anarch game and down times

Cam/Anarch is tonight, Saturday 10/22. Check in starts at 7:30, game on will be promptly at 8:00.

All downtime actions have been processed and replied to. If you are still waiting on anything from me, please let me know.

The “Why am I here?” cards went well last month, and I will be doing that every game going forward. There will be 3×5 cards next to the sign in sheet. Please put your character’s name, a brief note of what your character is hoping to accomplish tonight, and what PC is most likely to get in the way of accomplishing that goal.

Players who complete and turn in the cards at the beginning of game may “cash it in” once during the game for a Storyteller Acknowledgement willpower refresh (pg 289).  The card has to be complete and turned in before entering play that night to qualify for this benefit. Don’t wait until you’re out of WP to try to do the card.

Please check and make sure your character is current in the database, as this is the only official record. If you have any questions, or need any help updating the database, please let me know.

Thanks, and see you tonight!

— Shimon Klein
— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch
— NV-008 Ancient Gamble

September Cam/Anarch game and downtimes

Cam/Anarch is this coming Saturday 9/24. Check in starts at 7:30, game on will be promptly at 8:00.

Just a quick reminder, downtime, influence, contact, and ally actions are due no later than midnight tonight, 9/18, if you would like them to be counted for this month. This includes actions for learning disciplines and techniques. All action pools renew at start of game for the following month.

Please check and make sure your character is current in the database, as this is the only official record. If you have any questions, or need any help updating the database, please let me know.

Thanks, and see you next weekend!

— Shimon Klein

— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch
— NV-008 Ancient Gamble