January Masquerade

Good Evening friends. We will be having game at Nat20 tonight, Saturday, Jan 27. Check-in 7:30, game on at 8.

A couple of fun facts since the last time we’ve seen each other:

Studies from the archaeological dig at Aliante Park have moved to the Las Vegas Natural History Museum. Security of the museum has increased drastically with the hiring of a private security company called InterLink.
The homeless population of the Las Vegas Valley has flocked to North Las Vegas after a delivery of food and clothing put together by anonymous donation was given out during the Christmas season.
YouTube videos promoting unity in Las Vegas have gone viral, using the hashtag VegasStrong to push awareness on the separated townships of the Las Vegas valley.

MES Masquerade Character Creation documents

MES uses the Mind’s Eye Theater – Vampire: The Masquerade rule book by By Night Studios. You can purchase the digital copy of this book at

MES Vampire: The Masquerade 2017 Chronicle Information

Player Approval

December Cam/Anarch

We are not having a Cam/Anarch game this month (game night falls on Christmas eve). If you update your character in the database AND email me a current copy of your character sheet by our normal game night (8:00pm December 24th) that character will be awarded full XP for the month. Note that you must do both to receive XP.

Downtime actions for December are still due by Sunday, December 18th. Downtime, Influence, Contact, and Ally actions refresh on Saturday, December 24th at 8:00pm.

If there are any questions, please contact me. Happy Holidays!

— Shimon Klein
— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch
— NV-008 Ancient Gamble

MES 2017 Cam/Anarch venue preferences

We’ve put together a brief survey to gather the player’s preferences for the next chronicle Camarilla/Anarch/Independent Alliance (C/A/I) venue. Completing this survey is worth 5G prestige in the Non-Admin Game Support category. Please take a moment or two to let us know what your preferences are for the local game next chronicle.