September Cam/Anarch game and downtimes

Cam/Anarch is this coming Saturday 9/24. Check in starts at 7:30, game on will be promptly at 8:00.

Just a quick reminder, downtime, influence, contact, and ally actions are due no later than midnight tonight, 9/18, if you would like them to be counted for this month. This includes actions for learning disciplines and techniques. All action pools renew at start of game for the following month.

Please check and make sure your character is current in the database, as this is the only official record. If you have any questions, or need any help updating the database, please let me know.

Thanks, and see you next weekend!

— Shimon Klein

— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch
— NV-008 Ancient Gamble

Cam/Anarch this weekend

Cam/Anarch is this Saturday 8/26, check in at 7:30, game on at 8:00pm, at Shimon and Janelle’s, 1189 Bear Head Street, Henderson, NV 89011.

All down times and influence actions have been resolved. If you’re still waiting on a response from me for anything, please let me know. See you tomorrow.

— Shimon Klein
— US2010117013
— VST Cam/Anarch

Cam/Anarch downtime reminder

Just a quick reminder that downtime and influence actions must be submitted to no later than midnight tonight.

Also, please make sure your character is current in the database. The database is the only official record, and the character sheet there is what will be used for resolving downtime and influence actions. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any help with the character database.

Cam/Anarch this Saturday 6/25 @ 7:30pm

Cam/Anarch is this Saturday 6/25, check in at 7:30, game on at 8:00pm, at Shimon and Janelle’s, 1189 Bear Head Street, Henderson, NV 89011.

Two new items are being added to the VSS and go into effect this game

First, Influence actions refresh at the start of game so characters will have their full suite of actions available during game, subject to normal mechanics. If there is no game in any given month, Influence actions refresh at 8:00pm on the fourth Saturday unless otherwise specified by the ST.

Second, going forward Cam/Anarch will use the same XP rule as Sabbat, awarding 20 XP for attending game (subject to chronicle cap and AGR limits) and we will no longer be awarding any downtime experience. If you miss a game you can of course still earn XP up to your cap by attending another MES game, or catch up using AGR. This keeps the Sabbat and C/A venues in sync.

Finally, I forgot to include the prestige awards for the VSS Update Survey this month. That will be included and backdated in next month’s DC report.

Downtimes, Influences, and Alts in Cam/Anarch

I started a thread on facebook about something that I want to talk about on the subject of alt characters. I think it will lead to a lot of discussion that will be easier on FB rather than email.

One of the things I found out when I took over as VST is that there are a lot of people with secret alt characters on the VSS who are never played at games and just do downtimes. So many, in fact, that the majority of downtime and influence actions I processed last month were from characters I had never heard of and never knew existed before I got access to the VST email box. There are downtime coteries comprised almost entirely of secret alts with only one or two active PCs. This is giving those couple of active PCs essentially level 7 and 9 influences with no real cost or investment, and no risk since the existence of the PCs isn’t known to the players outside the VST mailbox.

I am not particularly comfortable with this, but I want to open a discussion among the players as a whole to see what everyone’s feelings are on this. I plan to include something on this topic in writing on the VSS one way or another. I don’t know if that is going to be limits or restrictions on this kind of activity, or just a warning of what is going on so anyone who wants to get into the DT and Influence game knows they need a half dozen hard proxies to compete, or something else I haven’t thought of yet.

Thoughts, comments, ideas?

Cam/Anarch rescheduled for 1/30

This month on our usually scheduled weekend the brand new Domain of San Bernardino is having their first ever Cam/Anarch game, AND it’s the first Featured Game of the year.

Our Cam/Anarch game is moved to 5th weekend, January 30, at Shimon & Janelle’s. If you know someone is not on the list please pass this information along to them!

Several of us will be attending the San Bernardino game. If you would like to come with, please reach out so we can arrange car pools where possible. It’s about a 4-5 hour drive from Las Vegas depending on traffic and weather in the pass.


San Bernadino feature game

January 23, 2016 is Last Refuge’s first game as well as the first Featured Game for the SW Region. Location is the Conceirge Lounge at the Radisson Hotel in Ontario CA. We will be hosting Cam/Anarch game after an afternoon Social and character creation.

Social/CC/Domain Meeting: 2pm to 6pm.
Game: 7pm to midnight

Site Fee for the event is $10, but that will cover snacks and drinks as well. Donations are appreciated and can earn you prestige.

The site address is : 2200 E Holt Blvd, Ontario, CA 91761.


Denizens of the Southwest
After many years of Isolation and closed borders, the Triumvirate of the Inland Empire cordially opens its doors to all Kindred of the Southwest who wish to attend an evening of revelry and delight. Lost within the borders of chaos and light, Kindred of substance dance among the kine, while shadows await with hungry eyes in the wings of our court.

· Event will be held at Kimberly Crest In Redlands

· Event will begin at 7:00 pm January 23rd 2016

Please RSVP
Talis Hessad – Leader of the Independent Alliance

William Shrek – Prince of Ontario

Jonathan Fitzroy – Baron of San Bernardino

DST Email: 
DC Email:

Ken Letteer 
Interm DC for Last Refuge