Masquerade venue updates

Hey friends, I’ve reviewed all approvals for the VSS, and deleted the duplicate VSS.

There will be a History Game on the 24th.

Remember that if you want your character to have been at the IA Acquisition of Las Vegas, you’ll have to spend the appropriate VIP for that. If your character is at the signing during the history, and you don’t have the VIP on your sheet, your character will not have any knowledge you may have gained from the game.

I will have a host of NPCs available for players who want to have an active roll in the History game and don’t want to/can’t use their characters.

Game in July is going to be the 29th to give some leeway to the players going to MESCON.

I’m going to set up ‘Business Hours’ for me doing vampire things as an ST. This is for me to try and get things organized and reply in a timely fashion. I know some of you have waited a week or longer between replies from me, so I’m going to try and be more prompt. I will be doing game related activities on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday afternoons, 2-5, from now on. Feel free to message me on facebook, or send emails to for questions and concerns.

Las Vegas by Night History Game

Las Vegas by Night History Game:
June 24th, 2017

Natural 20 Games
5165 S Fort Apache Rd #185

Check-in at 7:30
Game-on at 8:00

$3.00 Site fee

The game will be divided into 3 sections.

2011 – The IA signing and taking control of Las Vegas and the Camarilla move to Henderson.

2015 – The Anarch annexation of Puerto Rico, eh, North Las Vegas, and the formation of a treaty between the three sects.

2017 – The selection of new IA leadership, a missing Baron, and territory given to an unknown entity in Red Rock canyon.