Ancient Gamble charity drive with Regional matching

Ancient Gamble charity drive with Regional matching

As a reminder, we have an ongoing local charity drive to support any Las Vegas area charitable organization. If you contribute money, items, or time to any local 501(c)(3), email the Domain Coordinator at with the details, so you can be awarded prestige. And as a bonus, the South West region is matching with Regional prestige in addition to the general prestige awarded from the domain. See below for the details

For the holiday season, regional is offering prestige-matching for any domain-level seasonal giving charities.
That’s right! If your local domain is doing any type of seasonal giving charity, such as food donation, winter garments, holiday gifts, shelter volunteering, or similar, if you send a copy of your receipt or proof of donation to regional, we will award you regional prestige at the standard rates for such, in addition to the prestige from your local domain!
We especially encourage local drives to support shelters during the holidays, but anything our members can do to genuinely contribute to someone’s holiday season being safe and warm is a good thing.
Please send a copy of your proof of donation or time volunteered to and copy
Regional prestige is awarded at the rate of 1R prestige for $3 donated, or 10R prestige for each hour volunteered.
In the absence of a domain-sponsored seasonal giving charity, members can still donate goods, time or money to eligible charities’ holiday seasonal giving endeavours for regional prestige.  Eligible charities for this option include any 501(c)3 non-profit charity, without religious or political affiliation, providing direct assistance to that member’s local community this holiday season (see examples above).
Sarah Himebaugh
SW ARC Charities

Featured SW Regional Charities July – December 2018

The region is currently using a 6-month rotation for regional charities, to give members more time with the featured charities, and to allow us to offer several different options simultaneously during that time period.

For the period of July – December 2018, the Southwest Region will be featuring the three following charities:

  • *RedRover* (Helping animals and humans in crisis, to make the world a more compassionate place)
  • *Children’s Literacy Initiative* (Providing educators training and resources for early childhood literacy instruction)
  • *10,000 Degrees* (Helping low-income students get into and *through *college in order to create positive impact)

Per the Membership Handbook, from July 1st – December 31st 2018, for any donations you make to these charities, you will earn 1 point of Regional prestige
for every $3 donated, or 10 points of Regional prestige for every hour of time donated volunteering. (Note that volunteering time is also eligible for VIP!)

Donation options are listed below for each charity, but regardless of option or charity selected, please send a copy of your receipts (or photographic proof of donation) to and copy To help ensure things are tracked and reported properly, please include in your email subject line: Jul-Dec 2018 Charity (Name of Charity) (Month of Donation)


For the past 30 years, RedRover has work to support the bond between animals and humans by provide vital emergency sheltering assistance for animals displaced by natural disasters and rescued from other crises, such as puppy mills and hoarding situations. They also offer financial assistance and resources to low-income individuals for lifesaving emergency veterinary care, and to help survivors of domestic violence escape together with their pets, by offsetting the cost of temporary pet boarding while in domestic violence shelters.

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to RedRover at

You can also *donate goods or volunteer time* with any local 501(c)3 no-kill animal rescue or animal welfare organization.

*Children’s Literacy Initiative*

This organization works with teachers and children (pre-K through 3rd grade), to help improve early childhood literacy, especially among lower-income and disadvantaged children. Their goal is to see a nation where all children are literate, and reading at their grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to Children’s Literacy Initiative at

You can also *donate goods or volunteer time* with any local 501(c)3 children’s literacy organization, or public library children’s literacy program.

*10,000 Degrees*

This California-based organization works to create a college-bound mentality in elementary and middle school students, to help lower-income high-school students get enrolled in college, and to support them through college. Most of the lower-income students 10,000 Degrees supports are the first members of their families to attend college, and with the help of this organization, 85% of these students graduate with a completed college degree (nationally only 31% of college students do so).

Direct *monetary donations* can be made to 10,000 Degrees at
Or to learn how to *volunteer time*, go to

Members are encouraged to forward this email to your domain lists for
further distribution.

Sarah Himebaugh
SW ARC Charities

PACT election Q&A

Hi folks –
The PACT election Q&A is underway.
The first round of questions has gone out
Applications for our candidates can be found on the 2018 PACT Election page.

Information about the office and it’s responsibilities can be found on the PACT page.

Thank you to our candidates for their applications and best of luck to you all!

PACT Election page:…/…/09/pact-election-2018/

PACT Office page:…/protection-advocacy-and-…/

Q&A Google Group:…/mes-bod-election-discussion

April game reschedule

The April game is scheduled during Vampire Ball, which many of us will be attending. Do we want to reschedule game to the second Saturday, second Friday, third Friday, something else?

We won’t be able to play at Nat20 those nights, but several players have offered to host at their houses so there are a variety of site options.

Please vote on the Facebook poll at If you don’t Facebook, you can also email your preference to

Thank you

All Call for Domain Coordinator Position

On Fri, Mar 30, 2018 at 10:23 AM, MES SW ARC Elections wrote:
Good morning Ancient Gamble,

It is time to decide who will be your Domain Coordinator for the next
year. I am now taking applications, details of which can be found below.

The timeline for this election is as follows:

1. Application Submission – Deadline: *Friday, April 6th*, at 09:00 Las
Vegas Time.

2. Application Review – I will review the applications. This process will
take no longer than one week, and probably not longer than one day.

3. Domain Evaluation – The constituency will have the opportunity to review
the applications and ask questions of the applicants. This should take no
longer than one week, but I might extend it if there’s a particularly
lively discussion going on.

4. Voting Period – Votes will be sent to this email address, and to
proctor(s) to be named later. To ensure a fair vote, this will take one
week. I may combine the Q&A period with the voting period in the event
that only one person runs.

5. Tabulation and announcement – This will not take longer than a week, and
will likely take no more than a few days.



Please submit your applications to the elections email address at Your application should include:

Name, membership number, email address, other contact information as you
desire. This information will be sent to the entire electorate.

Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during your term of

Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to accomplish
the goals stated in your objective.

Experience: A resume of positions held within Mind’s Eye Society as well as
any relevant Non-Club Experience.

A sentence stating that you are a paid and current member who has (or will)
complete the requisite Standards, and disclosing any disciplinary actions
you have been subject to within the last two years.

For DCs, at this time the required standards are Membership Chapters 1-8,
Website, Contact, Coordinator, and Coordinator Process.

Please let me know if I can provide any further information!


Alex Winfield
SW ARC Elections
Us-sw-d-las-vegas mailing list

DC Reports, Prestige, and VIP

I’ve caught up the back DC reports. Please check your Prestige and VIP awards and verify they are correct. If anything is missing, incorrect, or you have any questions, please email the DC account at

Note that we CAN NOT take Prestige or VIP submissions/corrections via facebook, All Prestige and VIP needs to go through the email account.

DC Report
December 2017…/1YAaQpMqdpKD8TRBlZzU_mPiWHc…/edit…

January 2018…/1W–AdNKMz6INR6BX3-xXG6Jhoy…/edit…

February 2018…/179kBmgq4ZFTxK6vpvFQcJF1x-T…/edit…



Thank you

DST Election

This email is to inform you of the start of the election process for the
DST position in NV-008-D.

Applicants will have until Sunday March 11, 2018 to submit their
applications, All applications should be sent to, and with the Subject line
“NV-008-D DST Application”

Included in the Application must be the following:
1. Name, Membership Number
2. Contact Information: Email, Phone Number (This will be redacted
when distributed to the Electorate)
3. Objective: A sentence or two describing what your goals during
your term of office will be.
4. Plan of Action: A paragraph or two detailing how you intend to
accomplish the goals stated in your objective.
5. Experience: A resume of positions held within the Mind’s eye
Society as well as any relevant non-club experience.
6. Disciplinary Actions
7. A statement asserting that you are a paid member of the MES
8. You must have completed the Membership and Storyteller standards,
or a stated intention to complete them within thirty days.

At the end of this period, the candidates applications will be distributed
to the Domain for consideration and time will be given for the electorate
to ask questions of the candidates. These dates and times will be released
with each step in the process. After which, voting will commence with
further instructions coming at that time.

Thank you!

Stephanie Day
SW aaRST Arbitration
Interim SW ARST Elections