South West Regional Coordinator Voting Ballot

Hello South East Region!

The Q&A has ended and the voting phase will begin for the Regional
Coordinator of the South East Region. The process for regional officer
voting is outlined in the Membership Handbook, Page 48.

Your choices are, in no particular order:

  • Nathan Wetzel
  • None of the Above (NoTA)

Eligible Voters
1. In order to qualify to vote in this election, you must have an active, paid
membership in good standing, 409 currently, within the SW Region.
2. If there are any questions on who can vote or how,  please feel free to
contact myself (, ( or
3. Each valid vote cast will also receive 5 Regional Prestige!

How to Vote
In order for a vote to count. It MUST meet these requirements:

  1. It must include who you are voting for in order of preference.
    Example: 1. John Smith 2. Jane Doe 3. NotA
  2. It must include your Name and MES#.
  3. It must include your domain number (i.e. OR-XXX-D).
  4. You must *EITHER* email your vote to all of the following, with the email subject of South East Region RC Vote
  • Election Officer: Craig French –
  • Proctor: Kay Stavis –
  • Proctor: Allen Levy –


Use the Google Form Link

Only select one candidate per choice.

Please remember that your vote must be sent to all proctors to be counted!  Votes that are not received by all of us cannot be counted.

So without further delay I am opening the voting period. Voting will remain open until 11:59:59 pm PST on *6 **February** 2019*

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me off the list.

Thank you for your patience.

*Craig French*
*US ANC Admin*

Craig French, ANC Admin

Sabbat Venue – BREAKING NEWS

On September 26 there was no flutter of white doves, sounding trumpets, or singing gondoliers as there was on May 3, 1999 when the five diamond luxury Venice themed hotel and casino opened up. On this night there was an unforgettable event that will haunt Las Vegas and the rest of the world forever. With almost no warning the 36 story, 475 ft tall, 138,684 square ft casino, The Venetian, mysteriously collapsed. Thousands of people who were just living their lives were killed, almost instantly. There was chaos, and panic through out the Las Vegas valley and the world. News stations and newspapers reported immediately what happened but, it seemed that none of them had the same story, it was a terrorist attack, it was an explosion, it was poor building construction, it was the aliens, or was it a missile. It didn’t matter what it was it was a tragedy.

The mood of Las Vegas has changed over the last couple of weeks , and for the most part is very depressing and quiet as the city mourns. The churches have started to fill up, funerals are constant, there is vigil’s all of the time, schools are closed. The city almost sounds peaceful except for the constant jets flying over, military and federal patrols, random stop checks, a military base of operations has been built on the strip. Marshall law is in effect and Vegas is considered a no fly zone. Las Vegas has the full support of the United States military and other federal agencies. Anyone who may know anything is being pulled in for questioning. Federal raids are happening all over the city, those who dwell in the Underworld and criminal activities know its not easy being a thug in Vegas.

Government officials from all over the United States including the President and Foreign Governments offer condolences and offer aid. They make very sorrow speeches and promise justice. The news agencies begin to report that this was in fact the work of a terrorist group and the Venetian was destroyed by multiple suicidal bombers at strategic locations. The president asks for more aid to fight the war against terrorism. More troops
will be deployed. Even though Vegas had it’s Vengeance the military and federal agencies are still here and don’t look like they are leaving any time soon.

Despite what was broadcasted and reported, the Silence of the Blood maybe broken. If you have any questions please contact me.

Mario Kellert
Sabbat VST – Vegas Stakes
Ancient Gamble Domain

Is your Sabbat character up to date?

Hello Ancient Gamblers,

From this point forward, I will not be asking for you all to email me if you have a certain item on your character sheet. I will be strictly looking to what is in the database. I will give you all till Monday, October 19th to get your character up to date, before I start to send you personal information. You may be left out of plot, if your sheet is not up to date, in the database. I may not be the only one looking at your sheets, due to the events that I will be discussing. So please make sure your sheet is up to date in the database with a up to date experience log (this includes dates, who taught you out of clans, what you bought, and experience awards). If you have any questions please let me know.

Mario Kellert

New Lore Document

Woo Hoo the lore document is out. It has some awesome information and things that will help you with some of the plots that are out.

The direct link is:

Welcome to the Mind’s Eye Society


It can also be found on the addenda page:

Mario Kellert
Sabbat VST – Vegas Stakes
Ancient Gamble Domain

Las Vegas Feature Game of the Month

feature game flyer 1 8x11

Werewolf: The Apocalypse, BNS Alpha Slice 12PM – 5PM

Vampire: The Masquerade, Cam/Anarch 6PM – 11PM

The Ancient Gamble domain will be hosting a feature game in Las Vegas on Saturday, December 6th and you are all invited.

We will be running two games. The first one will be Werewolf The Apocalypse Alpha Slice playtest, then Vampire the Masquerade Cam/Anarch.

The event will be held at the Boulder Station Hotel and Casino. Hotel rooms are available on site, but, this is Vegas, so there are deals all over the city. Following the game we will be having afters at the Grand Cafe.

Site Fee $15.00

For more information, contact:
Domain Storyteller:
Domain Coordinator:
or visit out website at: