Getting Started

Interested in trying it out?

Whether you’re new to the Camarilla, or new to LARPing in general, it’s not hard to get involved.

Find a game you’re interested in, and give it a shot! You won’t regret it.

Here are some steps for getting involved in your first Camarilla game.

Contact the coordinator with any questionsWhile it’s not mandatory to contact the Domain Coordinator (DC), keep in mind you can contact him with any questions you have about the Cam.

Find a Venue you’re interested in

There are two venues (different World of Darkness games) in play in Las Vegas:  Vampire the Masquerade: Camarilla/Anarch and NWoD Combined the Accord . If you have any questions about the local venue, you can contact that venue’s storyteller. Their email address is available on each venue’s page, or on the Contact Us page.

Pick an upcoming game

You can see when upcoming games are in the events section (on the right side of the page), and on the Domain Events Calendar. Event dates are pretty consistent, but the locations are occasionally subject to change, so unless there is a specific address for a game, you may want to check with the storyteller or our Domain Coordinator to make sure.

Once you’ve picked a game, email the storyteller to let them know you’re coming. There’s basically three options: just observing, playing an NPC (a character for the storyteller, if the storyteller has one), or making a PC (your own character). If you’re not familiar with the rules or character creation yet, you can ask the storyteller if they have a pre-generated PC you can play, so you can test the waters without getting into character creation.

Before coming to a game, please read the game site rules

Staying Around? How to Settle In

If you tried out a game and liked it (which you should), you’ve hopefully decided to stay with the Cam for a while. Just a few steps to get started with that.

Signup for a membership

Membership is $20 per year, and gives you access to Camarilla games around the country. Once you sign up, you should be given a membership number! Keep track of that! You’ll be using that number to identify yourself to the organization, at games, in email, etc.

If you have problems with signing up, email the Domain Coordinator, and he’ll be able to sort things out for you.

Join our Mailing Lists

The Las Vegas Camarilla Mailing list gets both announcements and discussions about games and the group in general.

Read the other Getting Started Guide

The Camarilla has its own Getting Started Guide, which will tell you more general things to look at. You’ve obviously already found a Chapter!

Read the Membership Handbook

Yes it is very long, and yes most of it won’t be immediately relevant, but you probably want to read up to (and including!) the Code of Conduct section.

Check out our Resources Page!

It gives even more links to useful info about books, mailing lists, and sites you will probably need to look at at some point!

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