November Sabbat

Hiya Cainites,

I hope you all have had a great month and wanted to make sure that you all remember that there is no live game in November. You can however get the months of experience by updating your character sheet in the database and emailing your up to date sheet to . This is important even if you are going to socon. Socon has traditionally only been worth six xp and three over cap. You are potentially missing out on four to fourteen experience points. This offer is only valid till the 13th of November.

Things going on in the sabbat venue

1. Since October 28th the moon has a golden hue to it.
2. The Walking dead is an actual thing in Canada. Those of you with knowledge of the shroud knows the shroud is ripped open. Ghosts and the dead walk around with the living and Canada is decaying.
3. Feeding in Vegas has gotten more difficult. This has raised the difficulty to feed by two. What this means is you will need at least a three herd to feed in Las Vegas without a downtime action.
4. There is a fuck ton more police and the police have friends with them
5. The nosferatu and gangrel have officially joined the Sabbat.
6. Work seems to be slowing down in Vegas more people are calling out, more kids are ditching school, and things just generally don’t seem to be getting done in Vegas.
7. Violence is on a rise in Las Vegas

There is a lot more happening. If you want to know more I hope you have backgrounds.

If you have any questions please e-mail me at

Mario Kellert

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