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Mind’s Eye Society

Home page of the Camarilla Fan Club

Member Portal

Portal for all member services; Membership Renewals, Membership Lookup, Wiki, Approvals Database, etc.


If you have issues signing up please email the Domain Coordinator, and they will help to resolve any issues with the sign up process.


Mailing Lists

MES Mailing lists

Site listing all of the Regional, National, and Global mailing list for the Mind’s Eye Society including In Character and Out of Character mailing list.

Domain Mailing List


Online Resources

Camarilla Wiki

Website devoted to MES member generated content such as character, domain, and event pages

DC Report archive

Archive of all available Domain Coordinator reports. (If you have a copy of a report not listed here, please contact the Domain Coordinator at to have it added to the archive.)

MET VtM Sheets

Shimon’s MET VTM Sheet

Michael Bryan’s All Char sheets for NWoD and BNS
By Night Studios page


Southwest Region Specific

South West Region Wiki page

The Camarilla Wiki page for the South West Region