Saturday, July 6th – OMGBBQ

To promote attendance, we will be having a BBQ all day Saturday during the Awakening and Apocalypse venues and during the Domain meeting.  Please come on by, hang out, check out the venues, and enjoy some food.  Feel free to bring anything you want to contribute to the BBQ, or just bring yourself.  If anything, their will be plenty of  Beef Hot Dogs and some Caesar Salad mix (this is what I plan on bringing).

If you plan on bringing something, let us know over the list so we can better coordinate.

So, this Saturday at 282 Fancrest St., Henderson, NV 89052.

Mage the Awakening (BBQ Start) 1pm – 6pm

Domain Meeting 6pm – 7pm

Werewolf the Apocalypse 7pm – 11pm

Steele – US2006057848

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