Vampire: the Requiem

Venue name: Vampire the Requiem: A Dance in the Dark
Genre: Vampire the Requiem
Place/Time: not currently active
Check in: n/a
Theme and mood: The world is not a nice place, when you think you know what goes on something worse appears.




History (1938-2013)
Las Vegas is an ever growing Metropolis that is stained with sin and other dark desires. A perfect place for the likes of Kindred, a place where every dark corner has a story. The city has had a strong and peaceful praxis under the rule of The Right and Honorable Prince Gabriel Alexander Rothschild III The Marquess of Domain of Las vegas.. The Ventrue has ruled the city for over seventy five years. It is time for him to step away, but the lord pushes for an unorthodox shift in political ruling. He is gathering the Primogen from every covenant to put for a candidate for the position of praxis holder. It will be a battle of wits, cunning, and physical prowess.

The political struggles aren’t all that the Kindred of Las vegas have to worry about. As of late there has been odd happenings around the Domain. Strange occult ailments, sightings of creatures unknown, and the threat of war. A small faction of Kindred broke off from the main ruling party of kindred and cast their way out to be replaced with new and extremist ideals. The Cainite Heresy has risen and look to conquer the unconquered city, Putting all that oppose them under heel!



Current History

Las Vegas is in trouble; the dawning of the crucible in June of 2013 signaled a trying time for Las Vegas. The good prince Rothschild was murdered by the Cainite Heresy on the eve of his scheduled torpor. The kindred of Las Vegas try to recover from the chaos caused by this faction that was supposed to have been dealt with decades prior. The Carthian Movement, seizing on the opportunity of a dead Invictus prince, proposed and adopted an experiment for the city. The Cainite Heresy then began their campaign of destruction, murdering mortals in the streets of Summerlin with no regard for the Masquerade. Mysterious graffiti popping up all over the city with messages of freedom, indicates the Cainite Heresy is far from dealt with. In November and December of 2013 the local kindred launched an all out strike against the Cainite Heresy killing most of the leaders and dispersing the rest all while destroying a church near the Las Vegas strip in a large gas explosion. Does this mean the age of violence and destruction is over or does some new threat loom over the horizon? What of the surviving leader of the Cainite Heresy, Donovan? As the new year looms a sense of hope for a better year grows. lets hope 2014 holds a better stage of the crucible.



Proxy rules: All incoming proxies requests must be sent AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the occurrence of the Proxy. Proxy approval is contingent on AVST/VST availability. The Proxy must include: Full character sheet with notes on Out of Clan or Bloodline Disciplines, Method of Travel, Home VST Contact Info, Date of Arrival, Date of Departure, and means of Feeding. Proxies are not guaranteed but will be considered as long as the deadline is met. If a proxy occurs in downtime the proxy instructions will be followed as best as possible.


RP: Any character portrayal that occurs between a character on this VSS must be documented in writing with storyteller except when at a sanctioned game. This is to ensure that players are fulfilling any requirements of oaths and other administrative tasks. Any RP that is not documented with VST is not considered in play. You may either CC the VST on the conversation or submit a summary at the end of the scene. If the RP is with another member of the VSS please CC them on your summary to VST so that no confusion occurs.


Travel Risk: Las Vegas is pretty easy to get in and out of with the Normal precautions to do so. Flights are the easiest and safest mostly. Shipping cargo trucks being the second easiest and safest. The roads are watched and often kindred who travel in and out of Las vegas will feel strange,or suffer some supernatural superstitions such as counting grains or seed, as well as having a hard time getting into private homes. These ailments only last a few hours inside or leaving the domain of Las Vegas.


VSS Notes: All Devotions, Covenant, and Bloodline powers should be known and CARRIED by the player in PRINTED FORM. It is the responsibility of the player to know the mechanics and abilities of their item. (I suggest note cards that have the COPIED AND PASTED rules printed on them.) If a power, rule or ability is called into question and a player does not have a copy or quick (under a minute) access to rules and mechanics the VST reserves the right to have the item in question work as they believe. The above rule applies to anything outside of the Red VTR:MET and Blue WOD:MET book.


Special Approval Items: Any Approvals must be listed on the player’s character sheet with a copy of the approval, approval number and any listed mechanics. The items will be reviewed by the VST for appropriateness in the VSS. This includes special ammunition, Custom weapons, Devotions or any other items. Any item(s) that are abused or become inappropriate for the venue will be disapproved


Feeding: Feeding will be determined at the beginning of the game session. The way to determine starting blood is the following: Card draw + Haven Location – (# of Ghouls + Derangements as determined by A/VST + Other).

Other is determined by anything that would effect feeding such as riots, police crackdowns, and hunter activities. You may submit a downtime in the month prior to game stating how you are feeding in the days up to game which will allow the VST to determine you starting blood which usually will be better. After this initial total is calculated you may use dots of herd and perform feeding scenes.

Any feeding performed after your starting total is determined will be handled as follows: If using Herd or feeding from a ghoul please inform the ST so it can be logged. If doing a feeding scene you will use the “Price of Blood” optional rule (pg. 327 VTR:MET). The VST will determine the starting beads and ratios the player will not bee able to see which color they picked.

Chapter 2 of Damnation City is Currently being introduced as a trial run. The rules for this chapter will be implemented in January 2014 and will be given 6 months to see if they will be a permanent addition to the game. Please see relevant section of the addendum particularly VIII.A.6 of the Requiem Addendum.


Traveling Players: In an effort to provide traveling players access to their merits and other benefits the following rule is used: Any traveling PC may with prior approval of the VST use Merits while in Las Vegas such as contacts and allies at 1 level of reduced effectiveness. Example Traveler A has Allies Police 5 in Los Angeles that player with VST approval may use their Police allies as if level 4. Approval from VST usually involves contact with Players direct storyteller to ensure Merits are not tied up or effected by plot in Home VSS.

**Note** Some merits will not be usable in another city such as Haven merits or Necropolis. If players wish to purchase these merits in the VSS for use when travelling they should contact the VST and CC their direct Storyteller.



The following items have been clarified by the VST as to how they work, unless changed or clarified by a higher ST or addendum they operate as listed.


Entrancement: The beginning part of the write up should be taken as “Fluff” with little to no mechanical weight. The sentence of willing servant is not to be taken as complete control over a subject. the power works as indicated in the Success part of the power with special attention being given to the last sentence which reads: “Subjects will defend the character who entranced them and even perform mildly dangerous tasks if the situation appears sufficiently dire to threaten the Entrancement user, but they will defend themselves and flee if it appears that they are about to die or be incapacitated themselves.” Please also see Section VII.A.7.a of the Universal Addendum on social draws whether supernatural or mundane can not force a character to do something they are adamantly opposed to.

This ruling also points to the beginning of the Majesty power set which states that the powers of majesty require subjects to see the character but not hear or have eye contact.


Style of Play:
1) Almost never Present
2) Sometimes Present
3) Usually Present
4) Often Present
5) Always Present.


Intrigue (Political and Negotiation) 3
Action (Combat and Challenges ) 3-5
Mystery (Enigma and Investigation) 3-4
Drama (Social interaction and characterization) 3
Darkness (Possibility of character Corruption and Risk of injury or death) 4