Winter Blood Drive

Greetings, fellow blood-suckers and arcanists!

The holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to return some
precious Vitae to the community pool!

If you’re eligible to donate blood, please do so in December or January!

Not sure if you’re eligible? Check —
note that eligibility may have changed since the last time you attempted to
donate, so check the website.  The website is also where you can make an
appointment, find a local drive or donation center, and get a Fast Track
form to help speed the screening process.

Not eligible? You can participate anyway! Help carpool people to and from
the drive! Contact me with the dates you’re available and which side of
town you’re on to help carpool.

My contact info: Stephanie Bryant, Phone/Txt:

====More Details and How to Log Your Participation====

“But, Stephanie, what’s in it for ME?!?”

PRESTIGE: If you give blood (or a blood product, like red cells, plasma, or
platelets), you get 25 prestige points. If you give a ride to people giving
blood (and do not donate), you get 10 prestige per ride, up to 20 prestige
per month of the blood drive.

LOCAL BUSINESS COUPONS: Local game shop Avatar Comics on Rainbow (just 2
blocks from a United Blood Services donation center!) is sponsoring the
drive with some coupons for a reduced cost on miniatures! If you donate
blood or a ride, you will get this fun little perk from a local business.

SHOW TICKETS: If you donate blood with United Blood Services, they usually
give you free show tickets (I love Vegas!) Now, I’m not going to promise
anything, but in the second half of December, those tickets have typically
been for PENN & TELLER. This is only available to those who give up their
precious life-fluid for the cause, but it’s a really nice perk. Make sure
you get your tickets before you leave the donation center– they hand them
out right there.

OTHER GOODIES: United Blood Services also has a rewards program in which
you earn points for each donation. Those points can be traded in for movie
tickets, t-shirts, DVDs, video games, and music CDs, and you redeem them
through the donor website (

MY PERSONAL THANKS: Whole blood is one of the medical products that still
cannot be synthesized artificially. Last month, a member of my family had a
very intensive surgery that required 12 units of blood, so I feel this need
very personally, and am grateful to anyone who can donate. The life you
save could be a friend, a colleague, or just some anonymous kid in a

“Great! What do I do now?”

If you want to offer rides or get a ride, please email me with the
Your Name
Your nearest cross-streets
Day/dates and times that’s best for you

I’ll help connect you with others who are carpooling. If you are the driver
and will be claiming prestige and glory for your participation, please be
sure your carpool buddies let me know you drove them.

When you donate, keep the little “receipt” that shows that you donated.
Write your name and Camarilla # on it. Bring that to any game or Create
meeting and give it to me or to Shimon Klein (who has graciously agreed to
collect them into an envelope for me). Receive, on-the-spot, your thank you
card and coupon from Avatar.

This blood drive will run through January 31st, and you can continue to
turn in your documentation for prestige through February.

Thanks very much,
O+, gallon donor

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